Pokémon Version Argent

Console : game boy color
Years : 2001
Number of players : 2
Language : image langue jeux video
Kind : RPG
Views : 14599
Add the : 2017-05-16
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The action of Pokémon Silver takes place in the fictional region of Johto three years after the events of these predecessors in the Kanto region. The region is actually inspired inspired regions of Kansai and Tokai in Japan. It comprises a total of ten cities connected by different geographic locations and routes. Some zones are only accessible when the player learns a special ability to his Pokémon, for example the player must use the CS Surf on a compatible Pokémon and cross the sea to access Irisia. Kanto, the region of Red and Blue Pokémon is accessible once the player has the eight badges of Johto.

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